Find Your Direction with Appreciative Pathways


Life Coaching

When collaborating with clients, I ask questions that serve to reveal and affirm your inner strengths and resources. We will work together to explore opportunities and aspirations for the future, and how you might use your unique gifts to achieve what you most desire for yourself and for the world. While everyone has barriers that can get in the way of reaching goals, we will intentionally focus on the times when you have been able to move past those obstacles, analyzing and elevating those “root causes of success” in order to bring more joy, balance, and direction into your life.

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Client Testimonials


"Mary Jane coached my for a few sessions while I was figuring out what next step I wanted to take in my career.  She helped me further exploring my purpose and values and striving to find the best professional fit for what she called my "unique gifts":) . Her positivity, warmth and sharp questions made feel self-confident in an uncertain context. I never met her physically, but her great listening skills felt as if I was with her in the same room even though she was in a different continent. I rapidly found a great job and feel very grateful for her coaching!"

Charlotte Mercadié
Global Employee Experience Manager