Find Your Joy with Appreciative Pathways


Personal Coaching

When collaborating with clients, I ask questions that serve to reveal and affirm your inner strengths and resources. We will work together to explore opportunities and aspirations for the future, and how you might use your unique gifts to achieve what you most desire for yourself and for the world. While everyone has barriers that can get in the way of reaching goals, we will intentionally focus on the times when you have been able to move past those obstacles, analyzing and elevating those “root causes of success” in order to bring more joy, balance, and direction into your life.

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Common Coaching Topics

~ Becoming a parent for the first time 
~ Increasing work satisfaction
~ Changing careers
~ Clarifying purpose and values
~ Having more fun
~ Creating life/work balance
~ Improving health and wellness
~ Returning to work after raising children
~ Getting unstuck 
~ General life satisfaction & fulfillment
~ Deepening relationships
~ Life after divorce 
~ Parenting strategies
~ Taking time for one's self
~ Organization
~ Empty nesting


Client Testimonials

Mary Jane is a truly extraordinary coach -- a master of kind but incisive questions that cut to the heart of what's holding you back. She is deeply committed to modeling and supporting authenticity -- who are you, way down in your bones, and what are you here to do with your precious life? She wants to know. She wants you to know. And she has the heart and tenacity to help you navigate the path to answering those big questions. I felt her unwavering belief in my courage, in my ability to find my own answers, even when I couldn't see my way through the fog. She saw me clearly, from our first meeting. That's a rare gift. Coaching is easy to come by these days -- a buzzword -- but Mary Jane is no ordinary coach. I'll be forever grateful for my work with her.

Nathan Tobey